Thursday, July 12, 2018

Father's Day 2018!

On Father's Day all the dads got honored at church. They have all the guys go up front to get their gifts and then Pastor Andy prays for them. 

This year the gifts were bags of Hostess Donuts. The label on the donuts said, "Donut you know you're an awesome Dad!"

We also hang up a Father's Day backdrop for families to take pictures with their Dad! 

Then I got in the picture too! 

Then Pastor Andy decided to join the family as well! :) 

Of I needed a picture with my Dad! 

And just me and my man! 

Then all the adults! 

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you know that I recently bought this dress even though it's outside my comfort zone to wear dresses. Since buying this one I've bought two more dresses from free returns even though I've never had to return anything yet. This dress is amazingly comfortable and it has pockets. I think all dresses should have pockets. 

Best Dada ever!!! 

After church Mom and Dad came over and Michael made steaks and mom made her awesome ranch potatoes. The kids and I got Michael the movie Rogue One and I gave Pa a card and homemade sugar cookies. Ga-Ga & Pa hung around for a while and then headed home. 

After they left we all sat down to watch Rogue One. Michael has seen it a few times and one of the things he really wanted for Father's Day was to take a nap. So he mainly napped while we watched the movie. 

After that we headed down to Taco Time for dinner. Owen completely surprised us by thoroughly enjoying his crispy taco with only beef. 

Next we went down to Des Moines Beach Park. Owen had been begging all day to go to the beach!

Ella, Zeke & Jack climbed up on the rocks right away. 

Miss Rachael had gotten Zeke a kite for his birthday so we wanted to take it for a flight. 

He was trying so hard to get it to take flight by running. 

After a while the wind picked up, but by then Zeke had lost interest so Jack took it for a spin. 

It was pretty fun when it was up in the air! 

The weather was beautiful! 

I was having trouble with the kite spiraling so Michael had to come fix it. 

Ella had lots of fun collecting shells. A boy from the beach helped her find this giant shell so she could put her smaller shells in it. 

Owen's such a cool dude with his new glasses that have transition lenses. 

The wind was really come and go so it was difficult to fly the kite for long periods of time. 

We also spent some time turning over rocks looking for crabs. 

I found this big one, but sadly he was dead. 

Owen's turn at the kite. 

Daddy heading over to check for more crabs. 

Owen got the kite as high as it could go! 

It was a great day getting to celebrate Michael and Pa.