Friday, July 13, 2018

Kindergarten & 5th Grade Graduation!

On Wednesday, June 13th I went to school to see Zeke's Kindergarten graduation. 

Here's Ms. Davidson's class all lined up ready to go to the stage. 

My Zeke boy always nervous with this fingers in his mouth. 

Zeke got an attendance award. No one in the kindergarten class had perfect attendance, but they also give out awards for excellent attendance. Zeke fell in that category which was 95% - 99% attendance. 

Here's Ms. Davidson giving Zeke his graduation certificate. 

All the cute little kindergarten graduates. Class of 2030! 

After Ms. Davidson's class got their certificates they sat down and then Ms. Jackson's class got their certificates. Once all the classes were done the kiddos went back to their classes to grab all their things. 

Us parents had to go outside and pick them up like normal. 

I had Zeke give Ms. Davidson her teacher gift then since I know how crazy the last day of school is. 

I also got the best news....Ms. Davidson is moving to 5th grade so there is a chance she might actually teach Jackson next year. I'm crossing my fingers she does! 

Zeke and I waited for Ella to get out so she could give Ms. Sawyer her teacher gift. 

We also got the fun news that Ms. Sawyer is getting married this summer. Come September she will be Mrs. Chon. I hope she ends up being Zeke's 1st grade teacher next year. 

A couple days later on Friday, June 15th I went back to school so I could be there for Owen's 5th grade graduation. I decided that I would attend the kids graduations when they graduate from kindergarten and 5th grade. 

Owen is in the middle with his blue shirt. He was also part of the group that had excellent attendance with 95% - 99%. 

This was during the last full week of school and it was Spirit week. Friday was pajama day so that's why Mr. Herman is wearing pajama pants. :) 

Mr. Herman is giving Owen his 5th grade graduation certificate.

Cute boy in his "Tacocat spelled backwards is Tacocat" shirt! He's such a hoot! :) 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog, but Owen will actually be staying at Woodmont instead of going on to Sacajawea. Woodmont is a K8 school so Owen will be at the middle school portion of Woodmont. He's so happy to be staying there and so am I. I'm happy that all my kids will be in the same school for 4 years.