Sunday, July 8, 2018

Strawberry Picking!

On Friday, June 8th I went strawberry picking with Kim and her kiddos. We were so lucky because it was only sprinkling out when were there and just a short while later it was dumping rain! 

It was also nice that it wasn't super sunny too! 

Last year was my first year picking and the berries weren't that big at all. This year there were so many big berries. Kim even mentioned that it she felt bad making jam with such nice berries. So we bought picked one box and then we both bought a box with jam berries so we could eat the pretty ones and then make jam/fruit leather out of the funky looking berries. 

I had so much to do that day so after picking berries I went back to Kim's to eat lunch and visit for a bit. Then I had to come home and quickly puree all the jam berries so they would be ready to make into fruit leather. 

I used my food processor and then dumped the puree into a pitcher that I have. It made almost a gallon of puree. 

The berries we were going to eat I soaked in vinegar water and then took all the stems off. 

I set them on a paper towel to dry. 

I love the look of fresh berries. So bright and colorful! 

When I got home after picking the kids up from the bus stop the house smelled SO good. 

Of course afternoon snack was a big bowl of strawberries!!! 

No time for smiling, only time for eating! :)