Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Teacher Gifts!

For the teachers gifts this year it really was a last minute thing that just came together. I had seen this idea from a blogging friend and thought it would be cute. 

Jack and I stopped at The Dollar Tree on the way home from his orthodontist appointment and we were able to pick up everything, but the gift cards. 

I got each of the teachers a mitt potholder, small container of frosting, sugar cookie mix and a wooden spoon. 

After I dropped Jack off at home I went to the library and printed off these cute tags I found on Pinterest. To finish their gifts off I got each teacher a gift card to Fred Meyer's. That's why I wrote the  P.S. note at the bottom of the tag. I really enjoy making something cute, but also useful for the teachers. I very much appreciate all that they do for my kiddos.