Friday, May 11, 2012

13th Anniversary & 36 Weeks Pregnant!

To celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, Michael and I went out to dinner at The Lobster Shop while the kiddos stayed home with Ga-Ga & Pa. We were the first diners at the restaurant since we wanted to get there early to take advantage of the Twilight Dinner. The food was fabulous although I ate too much and ended up feeling pretty crumby later that night. It was nice to get out and have some quiet conversation as I'm sure that will be in short supply in the coming months!

On Wednesday I went in for my first weekly doctors appointment. I'm currently 36 weeks, but I'm measuring at 39 weeks. I'm seriously huge...I mean I only have a few outfits I can actually fit into huge. My last doctors appointment prior to my scheduled C-Section is on Friday May 25th...the day I really want Baby Z to be born. I asked my doctor if I make it to that date and I'm really uncomfortable would she be able to just admit me and get the show on the road a few days early. Her response...if you're in labor! Not exactly the words I was wanting to hear. So I can only hope that Baby Z will be like Owen and Ella were and come 3 weeks early! I'm seriously done having my body taken over and not really being able to move. Also there's nothing like being ripped from a sound sleep by round ligament pain 2 times a night.

Let's have some fun and see if anyone can guess when Baby Z will be born. If you're correct you'll get acknowledgement on my FB status that you're super cool! Sounds good huh?

Okay so guess!!


Momof2 said...

I am going to say May 22nd!

Melody said...

Hmmmm....Let's go with May 18th.

Steph said...

My vote is the 26th.