Thursday, May 24, 2012

Travel Art Cases!

As well as having their quiet books, felt checkers board and the felt tic tac toe board I wanted to make one other thing for the kids to take with us on our trip to Wyoming. I found this idea guessed it Pinterest and knew it would be perfect.

I bought these clear DVD cases through Stampin' Up. They are really used for storing your clear stamps, but I had another idea for them. The idea on Pinterest used a normal old recycled DVD case, but you had to cut out and fill in the section where the DVD is held. With these cases I got to skip that whole step! I used cute paper and stickers and decorated each of the kids cases.

Here's the inside of their travel art cases. The colored pencil pouches are cardboard cut to size and then fabric that is sewn into two pockets and then glued to the cardboard using spray adhesive. I have never used spray adhesive before and it's interesting. You have to be careful about over spray and my fingers were tacky for a few hours even after washing them. Also the fumes are quite strong! I also adhered the clips on the left to the case and then put in 6 pieces of white card stock. I love how compact these are and the fact that the case is hard enough for the kids to draw on. I think these will be a big hit on the plane and in the car.