Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jack's Quiet Book!

For a couple weeks I went on a little sewing hiatus, but then on Thursday I finally got a fire under me and decided to finish Jack's book.

I decided to keep the cover really plain.

The last couple of weeks of homeschooling we introduced telling time to the kids. I thought it would be fun to continue working on that with Jack hense the clock. The hands are held on by Velcro so they can be moved.

The second page is Jack's mailbox. The flag is held on with Velcro so it can be raised or lowered. I sewed a letter to Jack and then addressed it to him and on the back I wrote "Love You!". Behind his felt letter is a little pad of actual paper so he can write notes and "mail" them.

These are his action pages. This idea I had pictured in my head and I'm happy to say it turned out EXACTLY like I hoped it would.

Inside the door of the truck is Jack's firefighter. See the button...that has elastic wrapped around it so it serves as the fire hose.

Then hiding in the truck is the removable ladder and "flames".

 Here is the page all set up. I love the flames and the hose and the ladder...okay I just plain LOVE this page!

While at Wal-Mart to get some craft supplies I found ABC buttons, vehicle buttons and baseball buttons. I thought it would be fun to make an I Spy page. The magnifying glass is removeable so he can use that to help him find things.

The last two pages are Jack's Potato Head. All the parts for both Mr & Mrs P are kept inside the bucket.

Mr. Potato Head!

Mrs Potato Head!

Once I figured out what I wanted to do for all the pages it really didn't take me that long to actually make it. I'm happy I'm done though! I was planning on making a felt medical kit for Owen, but I started it a couple weeks ago and I'm not very pleased with it. I'm also wondering if Owen might get a little jealous with the fact that he doesn't have a quiet book and Ella and Jack do. Decisions decisions!


Unknown said...

You wouldn't happen to have any templates saved would you? Especially for the fire truck page?