Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Visitors!

Today after Ella woke up from her nap Ga-Ga & Pa brought the kids to the hospital to meet their new brother. Earlier in my pregnancy they all thought it was girl, but in the last month or so Jack was sure it was a boy. We thought that Owen might be upset since it wasn't a girl, but Michael told me when Owen was in the hallway walking to my room he said, "I hope it's a boy!"

My cute bigger boys!

Ella is still very cautious about being in any sort of medical setting.

Owen was so sweet...he wanted to see Zeke right away and when he saw him he said, "Ohhhh he's so cute!"

Ella wasn't so sure what to think at first. She did say, "baby out" so it was good to know that she understood that the baby was out of mommy's tummy.

Jack was the only one that actually wanted to hold Zeke and it didn't really last that long.

Ella getting a closer look at her little brother! It was fun to hear her say, "Baby Zee". Before when I would ask her if the baby was Zeke or Zoey (that was the name we had chosen if it was a girl) she would always say, "Zo". She's had never said anything that remotely sounded like Zeke before today.

Owen loves everything about coming to the hospital....the parking garage, the elevator, the buttons on the bed and of course the cute little juice cups!

I had saved three of my juice cups so each of the kids could have one as a treat. They also got to finish off my angel food cake that I had for dessert at lunch time.

Pa getting some snuggle time with Zeke!

Newborn kisses!

Whenever we have added a child to our family I always like to make sure I give each child some special attention at the hospital. I don't ever want my kids to feel like they are being replaced by the new baby. Both the boys snuggled with me in bed for a bit and we watched Wild Kratts.

Love my boys!

Ella on the other hand wanted nothing to do with mommy. I think I'm getting punished a bit, but I know she'll come around. Thankfully she didn't seem to have any bad feelings towards the baby. She didn't want to hold him, but she did kiss him and point to his nose, ears and hair.

And here's our cute little man as of tonight...nice and awake and wearing his cute new outfit from Auntie Michelle!