Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Professional Family Pictures!!

A couple Sundays ago we met up at Point Defiance Park with my friend Starr so she could take Family/Maternity Pictures. The weather was gorgeous outside, but if you are familiar with photography the sun can be your worst enemy. We had to be quite picky when it came to shoot locations. The park was beautiful and there were tons of other people there getting their photos taken as well. We saw lots of kids in their graduation gowns. Even though there were challenges Starr rose above them and through all her hard work our pictures turned out FABULOUS!!!

Let me just say that this picture of Jack is an absolute MIRACLE!!! This cute boy is so freakin' adorable, but for some reason he is so hard to photograph. For one he will NOT look at the camera and most of the time he holds his body in the funniest ways he ends up looking odd. I say that with love! :) This picture is so wonderful!

Beautiful, stunning, precious, angel girl! It's almost too much! She is my doll!

This boy is SO photogenic! He makes it so easy! Gorgeous smile, gorgeous eyes, gorgeous guy!

Love this picture because it really does show how big and front and center my belly is. Also it looks like we were the only people on the beach...not so! Starr worked her magic and made them all disappear!

Family picture...see Jack's not looking, but still it's a great picture! It wasn't very long after this picture was taken that Ella fell into the pond. Thankfully it was just her pants and shoes that got wet, but we just knew one of our kids would end up in the water.

See wet pant leg?? She was so upset about getting wet, but thankfully it didn't stop her from smiling!

Daddy and his boys!

Walking on the beach. I love this type of shot and we have a shot like this with every pregnancy. It started out with just Michael and I walking down the beach and now we are have 3 miracles "walking" with us. I'm going to group all the walking shots together and hang them in our living room.

Playing on the beach! Rocks and water....you couldn't ask for anything more!