Monday, May 21, 2012

Nesting & Des Moines Beach Park!

On Saturday we did a bunch of stuff around the house. I went into some serious nesting mode and decided it was time to consolidate and organize the kids toys. The playroom was just out of control and most of the time the kids weren't even playing with their toys. Michael had mentioned that it might be nice to put some toys away so it wouldn't feel so overwhelming for the kids. I think he was thinking that he would take care of it after the baby came, but on Saturday morning I walked into the playroom and it was all downhill after that! I put a ton of toys away and organized the rest so the room is much more cleaner looking. And you know what...the kids weren't mad at all. I did explain that we weren't throwing the toys away we were just putting them away and we'd bring them back out another time.

After taking care of that and a few other normal chores around the house I went out and mowed our backyard. As well as nesting it was my goal on Saturday to move around a lot and possibly trigger my body into labor. Once Jack and Ella took naps we got in the van and took the kids to Des Moines Beach Park to check out the crabs.

The kids love to pull the rocks up and see the little crabs go running. Owen could probably do this ALL. DAY. LONG!

Ella is so not a girly girl when it comes to this kind of stuff. She is just fine with picking up worms, roly poly bugs and even crabs! The one she's trying to get in this picture she couldn't quite get it so Daddy helped her out.

They are so tiny and they don't really pinch you and even if they do it doesn't really hurt. Even won't catch me picking up one!

After a bit I decided to walk closer to shore and sit on a log and watch.

My cute little shadow joined me pretty quickly!

When we were done at the beach we took the kids on a walk down the trail by the beach. Owen was very vocal about wanting to stay at the beach and look for crabs. Once we started exploring other things he got into it though.

It was fun getting out into nature and letting the kids explore and run around. As for Baby Z...he or she is quite content and decided it wasn't time to go anywhere!