Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enjoying The Sunshine!

On Monday I needed to go to the chiropractor again so after that we headed back to Gene Coulon Park in Renton. Even though I can't really move all that well right now I don't want to let these beautiful sunny pre-baby days to pass us by. This time around I was a bit more prepared...I brought the wagon, swimsuits and a change of clothes for the kids.

The boys are getting better and better at holding hands when they cross the street.

All suited up and ready to go! Ella's bathing suit looks like it fits from the back, but it's actually a little small on her. In the front it kept coming down and showing off her nippies! Oops!

It was windier at the beach this time around so the kids didn't play as much in the water...they pretty much just had fun with the sand.

Here Ella is pretending to "cook" and "eat" her creations.

The boys were so happy they dug holes and found water!

It's been so nice getting out with the kids since I know for the first few weeks after Baby Z gets here we will most likely be staying close to home. I want to cherish this time with my 3 before they become 4! :)