Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Prep Work!

On Friday I spent over and hour vacuuming the van out and getting it all clean on the inside. That included taking all the car seats out so I could clean under them...can I just say yuck! Then on Saturday while I did more prep work inside Michael spent time outside putting the car seats back in and waxing the van.

Here's the new seating arrangement. When I started to think that the baby would be sitting in the middle seat all alone that made me sad so I asked the kids who would like to sit next to the baby and Jack immediately made it known that he wanted that priveledge!

He is so happy to be sitting by the baby. I know he's going to be great helper if the baby's pacifier falls out or if the baby just needs to be talked to or have it's hand rubbed. He already loves this baby so much.

Owen (goof ball) and Ella Bean get the way backseat to themselves now. They are two peas in a pod so this really will work out nicely. Jack usually drives Ella nuts so if I could have chose who moved up I would have picked Jack anyways...thankfully he made the decision on his own. As long as Ella keeps her legs from touching Owen's things will go well.

And here is Baby Z "room" aka...corner of the office! The office at our house is actually connected to our master bedroom so it's the perfect place for the baby. Ella slept in this pack and play until she was almost 4 months old and then moved into her room. This baby will sleep in here until consistently sleeping through the night which for my babies is usually around 3 - 4 months old. It's been fun for the kids to see where Baby Z is going to sleep and ride in the van. It's just showing them that we are getting closer and closer to meeting baby!