Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gene Coulon Park!

Since our schedule is no longer filled up with regularly schedule commitments I've been wanting to get out and take the kids places. Especially since I know that at least during the beginning of the summer we will probably be staying closer to home with Baby Z. Last week we went to West Fenwick Park and on Monday I took them to Gene Coulon Park.

I haven't been to this park in years! The play structure is amazing! I did love the old one since it was wooden, but this was great and there's a whole another play structure that I didn't take a picture of.

Jack riding his hog....after he flipped around when I informed him he was riding it backwards! :)

Vroom Vroom!

Jack has been getting more and more adventurous when it comes to climbing. I remember Owen was at this same stage last summer. I tried to get pictures of Owen playing, but seriously once he's off and playing I barely see him.

Ella is still pretty timid when it comes to being around other kids and climbing. She made it to the top of the structure a couple times, but refused to go down the big slide. I ended up having to lead her back down to a lower smaller slide.

After the kids were done playing we walked over to the newly groomed beach and set up for sand play. I thought I was all prepared and had brought everything we would need. Sand toys, blanket, sunscreen, lunch and baby powder (the best thing to take wet sand off), but could I have forgotten towels and changes of clothes for the children! Fail!!!

It did all start out so well. I rolled the boys pants up and they were doing good to not go in the water too far.

Sissy sat on the blanket with me and played in the sand for a while.

Love this girl to pieces!

Then she made her way out to the water.

I had her come back to I could roll up her capris. I love her girly hands!

A couple other kids joined in and started playing in the water.

Owen was working on a lake and I showed him how to dig out a river so his lake would empty back into the big lake. Then one thing led to another and Ella ended up in her diaper and the boys were topless!

It was a nice day, but really we live in WA I did not think the kids would want to get in the water that much. I wish I had brought their swim trucks because I bet they would have jumped right in.

It wasn't long after getting practically naked on the beach and it was time to eat lunch. Once they sat down and weren't moving around they did get a bit chilly so after eating we packed up and headed out. We really enjoyed going to this park/beach and I'm sure we will be making another trip there soon!