Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Belly Pictures!

Ever since Jack's pregnancy we have always tried to get a cute picture of the kids hands on my belly or the kids kissing my belly and they never work out. The kids just won't cooperate! Jack on the other hand is SO in love with this baby and he loves to love on my belly so it was just natural.

This shot just makes me melt! His cute pursed lips and loving gaze...oh the sweetness!

Big ol' belly!

Baby Z!

Starr also edited this shot so the 'Z' is colored blue in one shot and pink in another. It will be nice to know which one is right soon.

Yep...there's a baby in there!!!

Thank you Starr for the beautiful pictures!!! I uploaded them, had them printed at Costco and hung up on the living room wall the day you brought the disc over.