Sunday, May 20, 2012

37 Weeks!

Michael took this picture of me last Wednesday. I was 37 weeks exactly! After he took the picture he said, "'re huge!" That's right I am! This is also what I'm wearing to bed most nights. I swear I'm on fire most of the time so tank tops and shorts it is and the ceiling fan has been on for the last few weeks too. Poor Michael has to be curled up in a ball snuggled under the covers to sleep.

I'm am SO ready for Baby Z to come. If you follow me on FB I'm sure you are getting a little tired of my updated. It's all about trying to get this kid to come out. Michael has mentioned many times this pregnancy that I seem to be a bit more of a complainer this time around. My thoughts on that are that it's because it's my last time. We are done after this and so in my mind I'm ready to be done! I think another reason is because I don't know what this baby is yet and it's KILLING ME!!! All these months I've done so good not knowing if Baby Z is a boy or a girl, but now it literally is driving me nuts! I want to know what my baby is!

Thinking that Baby Z would come earlier than my scheduled C-Section date I didn't plan much for these last 2 weeks. Needless to say I've been trying to keep myself busy so the days will go by faster. Seriously if any of my friends want to come over and hang out please do!!!!

We are absolutely all ready for baby to come at any time. Car seat in the van - check - pack and play set up - check - bag packed - check - diapers and wipes - check.

Now we just wait to see if Baby Z will make his or her appearance before the 31st or not. I would love it if Baby Z picked the date instead of it being on the scheduled day. There's something to be said about your body naturally going into labor and knowing that your body and your baby are ready.


Melody said...'re so close! SO exciting!