Monday, January 5, 2015

Another Tooth Gone!

A few days ago I asked Jack if I could check out his loose tooth. He had been having a hard time eating so I knew it was bugging him. He's so brave! He just laid over my lap and let me wiggle it. I told him I was going to give it a tug and I did, but nothing really changed. He said owww so I stopped then I asked if I could try again and he said okay. This time I got movement and it started bleeding so I just told him it had to come out and out it came. It really wasn't stuck in there that bad at all. 

Now he's missing both his bottom teeth and there is no new teeth in sight yet. This one didn't bleed as bad as his first tooth did, but we still used a teabag to help stop the bleeding quicker! 

I think it's so cute that when he smiles normal you can't even tell he's missing any! No other teeth are loose yet so it might be a while before he's got anymore holes in his mouth. Of course his tooth is growing money in the window sill just like his first one did!