Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ella's New Room!

Michael had the idea to move Ella from her old room and into Owen's old room. We figured if all the boys were in one room and Ella was in one room then we could use the other room as a playroom. We had an upstairs playroom when Logan was with us, but it was Owen's old room so it was the smallest room and not very functional as a playroom. Ella's old room is a bit bigger so it's perfect for a playroom. 

Ella's old room! 

Wall to wall stuff! That was one of the things that was driving me crazy. I want their rooms to be a clean and relaxing safe haven for them. Not stuffed full of toys. By having the playroom their toys are still close, but not jammed into their rooms. 

Ella's old closet and hutch. 

Owen's old room almost empty. 

All the stuff moved into the middle and getting ready to paint! 

Thankfully we had about 3/4 of a gallon of Ella's pink paint left and Michael was able to stretch it so we didn't have to buy anymore. 

We left the bottom the same brown since she loves pink and brown. The bed in her old room was on loan from Aunt Stephie until we figured out what kind of real big girl bed we wanted her to have. Ga-Ga had mentioned last year that she wanted to buy Ella a bed for her 5th birthday. Since we were doing the room changes we figured this was the right time to order the new bed and give the old bed back. We had to wait for the bed to be shipped so in the meantime Ella just slept with her mattress on the floor. 

This room has the smallest closet out of all the rooms. Silly for a girls room right! Those darn builders just had to have all the front windows equally spaced so her closet gets jipped because of it. Michael did had an extra bar so she does have quite a bit of space. This is the one part I think needs just a bit of adjusting. Both of the bars are quite high....the top so much so I have to stand on a stool to get Ella's clothes for her. I might be asking Michael to lower these a bit. I'm waiting for the opportune time though...I have worked this guy to the bone! 

We decided that their was enough room for her to have my old hope chest in her room and it because the best possible place for all those stuffed animals to go! We did have to give away about 2 garbage sacks full and that chest is still stuffed with them. She also has her Ariel salon in here, but I have a nice vanity in the basement that Peepaw made years and years ago. I need to have Michael bring it up and see if it needs a little TLC. I know the cushion for the chair will need to be recovered, but I think that would be fun for her to have that vanity. 

Her hutch from Papa Martin fit nicely in her room as well. Her room is definitely small and it looks funny without the bed. I can't wait to get that and see how it changes the look of the room. Plus I want to get things on the wall, but we don't want to go putting holes in the wall until we see how the bed fits into the room. Stay tuned for the big reveal!