Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Boys' Room!

Right at the start of Christmas break Jack and Owen decided that they wanted to sleep in the same bedroom. This got me thinking about moving their rooms around again. At first I was planning on putting Owen and Jack together and then Ella and Zeke together. Ella LOVES to sleep in the same room as the boys. After talking with Michael about it we decided to rearrange the rooms thinking about the kids growing up. Ella is not going to be sleeping with her baby brother when she's 13 years old. So we decided to put all 3 boys back into the same room. 

Here's Owen's old messy room! 

Here's Jack and Zeke's room prior to the remodel. 

What we did was move the bed Jack was sleeping on and put it under the bunk bed the way it was designed to go and then moved Owen's old bed next to the bunk bed. Jack is now sleeping on Owen's old bed because he does not like how dark it is under the bunk bed. 

All three of my handsome boys are together. 

Showing off his No-No....he's gonna go to college with that thing! 

Here's where the dresser went. Owen has the two top drawers, Jack as the two middle and Zeke gets the bottom ones. You can also see how totally ridiculous their closet was. Oh those stuffed animals all piled up! When we decided to do this move I knew the closet would need a major overhaul. 

Here's is the closet now! Michael is just awesome. It now has 3 bars to hang clothes. I can get the clothes from the top bar, but none of the kids can. So I just put things like fleece coats and sweatshirts that rarely get worn. The middle left is Jack's clothes and the middle right are Owen's. You can see the cream hook holding up the bar that's the dividing point. Jack has more clothes than Owen by far! Zeke's clothes are on the bottom. They are so cute! I have to kneel on the floor to get his clothes. On the top shelf is the fire ladder, their suitcases and their sleeping bags. I love a good organized closet! 

The ship wheel mirror that goes with the dresser moved into the room as well. It's such a gorgeous piece of furniture. I actually bought this set years before kids solely for that mirror! I also hung up all the boys cross-stitch pictures I made for them. 

Here's Jackson's name sign all hung up over his bed. There has been one change since I took this picture. I moved in Owen's old nightstand so he has an actual wooden one instead of plastic storage drawers. The nightstand is wider so unfortunately now Michael will have to adjust his name sign since it won't be centered anymore. He's is going to go on strike I tell you! 

Full view of the south side of the room. 

View of the west side of the room. 

Their picture wall. Owen's picture is now hanging up there and I also used office clips to hang up the boys school class pictures from last year. 

Each of the boys have two pretties on their dresser. This is more for mommy than them. Owen has the firetruck....Pa had flowers sent to the hospital when he was born and they were in that firetruck and his picture in the rocking horse frame. Jack has the cute moon and star frame with this picture and this little baby boy statue holding a blanket....fitting really! Those were both from Aunt Michelle. Zeke has his wagon picture frame and his cute little pull wagon. Those were used as decorations at his 1st birthday. 

I love how it all turned out and for having 3 boys in one room it doesn't really feel all that small.

The boys have really taken ownership of their room so they decided they needed to decorate their door. 

I love the sign with the tank!