Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Day!

After we had our family time in the morning Ga-Ga, Pa, Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie came over to celebrate. Normally we would have Christmas at Ga-Ga & Pa's, but this year Michael was on-call and couldn't go any further south since he has to get to the district within 20 minutes of receiving a call. And of course he got a call...thankfully it didn't take him very long so he didn't miss anything. Plus he gets 2 hours of double time so that's nice! 

That's a whole lotta presents!!! 

Pa had to have Ella pose in her Elsa get up. Doesn't this look like a future wedding pose! 

Zeke man got a Cars bedding set from Ga-Ga & Pa. 

Jack got 4 boxes of Captain Crunch cereal....yes he really did put this one his Christmas list! 

Owen got this super cool Razor that lights up and then makes sparks when you brake! 

The theme for the day for Michael was Seahawks....he got a hat, book, clock, picture and ring! 

Pa got a car desk calendar and some macadamia nuts! 

From Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie Zeke got a Cars sleeping bag! Last year all the older kids got theirs, but Zeke was too little for a sleeping bag. It's so fun for him to have his own now! 

Ella got her Furr Real doggie. She's so excited she's kicking her feet in this picture. She has wanted this dog for the last 2 years! 

Here's Michael's Superbowl Champion picture! 

Stephie got some Seahawks stuff too....this shirt and earrings! 

Pa loved his car pillows I sewed for him. Later the next day he even texted me a picture of them in his office on his leather chairs! 

Owen got his army bean bag chair. This is seriously one of the most envied gifts. Everyone loves this chair! 

This year Ga-Ga decided for us older kids that she wouldn't wrap everything individually it was just going to be in one big box. I opened my box and the first thing that was in there was a Pooh bear. I looked at my mom like...huh? She told me to just go with it. The next thing I opened was Pooh bear pajamas....I see a theme here, but I still don't know where it's going. Then I opened the next gift! 

And started crying/laughing! See I used to sleep walk when I was younger because I had to go to the bathroom, but my body wouldn't wake me up. One night while sleeping I opened up my closet took out a book and peed on it. This is the book! Well a non-peed on version! It was my favorite book and it was a scratch & sniff book so you can imagine that it didn't smell the best after that. My dad ended up finding the original book online for me. This totally shocked me....such a wonderfully thought out gift! I also got new silverware which I was also pretty happy about since we were down to 3 teaspoons! 

Uncle Ry got a car just like the remote control version he had when we were young. After that I have no idea what he got since I was still reeling over my book! 

Ga-Ga loved her Kitchen-Aid mixer cover! 

Later on in the day Bill, Christina and their 3 kiddos join us for Christmas Day fun! 

I made each of the kids their own pajamas, hooded towels and little wash clothes! It was so much fun seeing them open their gifts. 

Christina was just in awe of her casserole carrier. She couldn't get over the fact that we did so much for's so fun to give!!! 

For dinner we used the dining room table to put the food on. Our centerpiece was a gingerbread house the kids and I worked on the night before. Of course during the night there were fewer and fewer pieces of candy on it! 

We ate out in the garage and it was so nice. Pa brought over tables, chairs and rugs and we plugged in a bunch of heaters. It was so comfy out there! Pa also worked so hard setting the tables and making them look just gorgeous! 

I figured we would just eat out in the garage and then come back in, but it really was so pleasant out there we just sat and chatted and let the kiddos have their way in the house. 

All of the girls got into their cute homemade jammies! These girls have so much fun together! 

The kids also enjoyed playing with the felt Christmas tree I made. 

Running around with babies was a must! 

Caleb got a bunch of new Lego sets so he was a busy guy putting those together.

Zeke was being a monkey at the top of the stairs....I see another ER visit in our future if he keeps this up! 

Owen loved going around to anyone he could trying to scare them with his spider! 

And Jackson of course was playing with someone else's toys! 

Merry Christmas 2014! 

We are truly blessed....

to have such wonderful family members...

in our lives!