Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ella's Vanity!

So I thought Peepaw was the one who made this vanity, but it turns out it was Ella's Great Great Grandpa. My grandma's dad! He's actually the one that taught my dad how to weld! It's pretty cool! 

My Great Aunt Marie gave us this vanity when Ella was just a baby....it might have actually been before she was born I can't actually remember. It's been sitting in the basement this whole time. It definitely needed some TLC.

The only thing it was missing was the glass top. I ended up going out and buying 2 18"x 18" tiles and will work as the top.

I also bought some spray paint called heirloom white...kind of appropriate!

I was hoping I could get by with just one can, but there is so much to cover with all those swirls! Lots of different angles to get!

It already looked so much nicer! When I first showed it to Ella she was looking at it like I don't want that in my room. It was hard for her to look past all the yuck!

I ran out of paint once I got to the main piece so the next day it was off to the hardware store again! I've bought a lot of spray paint lately!

The cushion had this awful gold fabric covering it and that just wasn't going to do so I used the same fabric I used for her name sign so it would coordinate with something else in the room. Ella just loves this fabric and was so excited to see it on her bench. Once it was painted she was finally seeing how it could actually be pretty cool to have it in her room!

The tiles I bought fit in nicely, but still needed to be grouted in so off to the hardware store we went...again! 

I was trying to pick out grout without Michael and all I could find were 10 pound bags! We didn't need nearly that much. I ended up finding this little container that was just about perfect and the price was right! 

Michael did such a nice job making the grout look nice. The only thing he didn't like about it was how grainy it was. It was sanded grout instead of unsanded, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. 

Once the grout was dry Michael and I moved it upstairs and I cleaned off the mirror. Now I just need to find some baskets that can hold all her make-up and hair stuff under the tile top. 

The kids were sure I was going to take a picture of myself since that's who they could see. It was fun explaining to them how a mirror works! 

The final product....her necklace and hairclip holder all hung up and her Hello Kitty earring holder on her vanity. Now we just need to convince her to let us get her ears pierced again since her holes closed up while we were at Disneyland!!

So for around $20 this went from looking drab to fab....sorry I couldn't resist!