Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Morning!

This was the first year we had kids in our bed before 7am. Jackson could hardly wait any longer so he came in followed by Owen at 6:41am. I have a feeling our sleeping in on Christmas morning days are gone! 

The traditional Christmas morning on the stairs picture. Cute little eyes were still adjusting to the light and as you can see Zeke was pretty much not into it!

Checking out their Santa gifts! Owen was so excited about his remote control spider! 

Ella loved her Princess Castle clock. Jackson got a Disney Headbandz game. 

Zeke got a cute little red ride on motorcycle, but like I said...he was not interested. 

For Owen's want gift he got these Explodurz guns that have these water pellets that you can shoot out and they explode. They are pretty cool, but a little hard to actually shoot. 

Ella's want was her Elsa Dress! 

She loved it! 

This pretty much sums it up! 

I had been saving boxes for quite awhile since a lot of the gifts this year were homemade and didn't come in a box. When Jack opened his want gift he was actually really excited it was Carnation Instant Breakfast. We had to explain that he needed to open the box! 

His want gift was a Rescue Bots Beam Box. 

It's a gaming system and each Rescue Bot can be "beamed" into your TV and they have different missions to go on. 

Zeke's want gift was a Bat Mobile...he was starting to warm up now. 

We had each of the kids draw names for each other. Owen and Ella got each other and Jack and Zeke got each other. Ella got Owen Planes: Fire & Rescue. 

Owen got Ella shoes to go with her Elsa dress, an Elsa crown and Barble make-up. She was totally set! 

Jack got Zeke a car track where the cars race each other and Zeke got Jack a Spiderman Lego set. 

Owen opening up his need gift. All the kids loved their pillowcases and sheets. 

Ella wrapped up her wear gift.....the towels are so great! 

The kids also love to go shopping with Ga-Ga & Pa to get us a little something. They got Daddy Reece's Peanut Butter Bells and these Seahawk license plate covers. They got me Hershey Kisses with caramel and a new pink water bottle that also had some cash in it. 

Next up were their stockings. The older boys got Wii games and candy of course. 

Ella got one Wii game, a Tinkerbell picture frame and candy. 

This is when Zeke finally came around. He got three new character shirts and candy. He loves characters! 

He loves Tommy! 

His favorite was definitely Paw Patrol though! 

Ella was so excited to try on her Elsa dress. I was just happy it fit! Even though the weight of the skirt does pull down the waist of the dress making it look a little like a flapper doesn't matter. It fits!!! 

And she LOVES it! 

Posing with her crown! 

Another part of their Santa gifts were their TV blankets. So of course right after presents the kids curled up with their new blankets and watch Planes: Fire & Rescue!

And one of my only requests for Christmas day was for Michael to put up the hooks for the kids towels to hang on! So cute!!!