Sunday, January 25, 2015

Enjoying My Artistic Side!

Last year Starr asked a bunch of friends if they wanted to do another painting class at Uncorked Canvas. I was all for it! I love doing this!!! 

A day or so before the party I saw that Jen...Logan's mom was going so I asked if she wanted to carpool. It's always more fun driving with friends. Jen ended up driving though since I threw out my back the day before. I was the navigator though! 

Starr, her best friend Kenzie and her sister Geri Lynn. Geri Lynn is giving me the stink eye because she always thinks my painting turns out better than hers! 

Starr picked out the painting for us and no one objected. It was pretty and seemed easy enough. 

I love the bright colors! 

It's funny how quiet it gets when everyone is focusing! 

Still looking good! 

Trees always cause me concern! 

I filled in the middle a little bit more. I also got a teeny tiny black dot on the light blue, but thankfully the teacher Heidi was able to help me cover it up! 

Trucks and shadows added. Most of the ladies did not like their shadows, but I didn't mind them. 

I did go back and make the lighter tree trucks darker I didn't like that they were so see through. 

Here are all the lovely paintings! I really really really want to do the Seattle skyline with the Seahawks symbol in the sky. With all the Superbowl hype I'm sure they will be doing that one for quite a while! Thanks Starr for organizing this....whens the next one? ;)