Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mall Toys!

I avoid the mall like the plague! I really dislike walking through a mall and since we started doing Financial Peace walking through the mall has made me realize just how much money is spent on crap you don't need. It doesn't make it very fun to go to the mall when you don't have any money to spend on useless crap. I will go to Target for what I do need and then need to walk through the mall. Needless to say we haven't played at the mall toys in forever!! That and Owen and Jack are getting a bit too big for the mall toys so it's no fun for them to sit and watch and it freaks other parents of little kids out if I let them play. 

Last Friday Ella, Zeke and I were out running errands and I asked if they wanted to go to the mall to play. Oh my they were excited!!! 

Since we haven't come in so long that means that it was like a new experience for the kids...especially Zeke! He was always too little to play before and was very leery of other crazy wild children because of his small stature. And these toys were actually had been so long that The Commons had actually gotten new toys for the mall! 

It was so fun to see Zeke stop clinging to me and actually have fun. He was running and climbing and having so much fun. I have a feeling we will be making more appearances at the mall now.

Ella was all about, "Mom watch me!" I had to watch every little thing and if I took my eyes off her at all during whatever she was doing she would have to start all over so I could see the whole thing! 

This picture is blurry, but it shows exactly how excited she was to be there!!!

Zeke still couldn't quite figure out how to climb on the taller toys, but see that boy on top of the mountain. His name is Brayden and Zeke and him were best buds! They played on the slide together and would slide into each other and then start laughing so hard. Then they would just chase each other all around the toys. It was so much fun to watch! Zeke has never made a friend before! He plays with his siblings sure, but this was totally different. Brayden was a stranger to him and he warmed up so quickly. I thought he might be friendly with other kids too because of this, but then a different kids decided to play with Brayden and him by sliding into Zeke...because he had seen the two of them doing that...but Zeke was not having it! The boy barely touched him and he was so upset and had to come over and get comforted by me. 

Zeke on a big baby bear! 

Climbing to the Summit! 

Campin' out! 

This slide was where the kids spent the majority of their time. 

Ella thought that going down backwards was so fun! 

Silly crazy girl! 

Zeke went down on his belly until he started playing with Brayden then he would go on his tush. 

This fox was just a little bit away from the slide so Ella would slide down the slide and then run over and jump on her fox! 

It was tons of fun seeing the kids have so much fun so we will definitely be going back again soon!