Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Owen's Birth-Day!

What is more fun than having your birthday fall on a school day! Owen was very specific about what he wanted me to bring...chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I did have to make sure that was okay with his new teacher Ms. Davidson since last year we couldn't bring food due to allergies. Side Note....Owen's teacher Mrs. Golden got a promotion and is now the Intermediate Reading Intervention Teacher. Basically she's the one that helps the kids in 3rd - 5th grade that struggle with reading. So far Owen really likes his new teacher so that's good. Ms. Davidson was just fine with me bringing in treats the only rule was they had to be store bought. For someone that loves to make homemade stuff this pained me. Also for a 12 pack of mini cupcakes it was $2.99. I could have bought a whole cake mix and frosting and made 12 normal size cupcakes for that price! Ugh!

Owen's classmates singing Happy Birthday to him! 

Ms. Davidson's rule is no one can take a bite of their cupcake until the birthday boy or girl does. Owen waited until each child was served a cupcake and then he dug in. 

Zeke Man definitely stole the show. The kids in the class loved him. A few girls loved him too much! They were all saying, "Oh my goodness he can talk!" and "Oh look he can walk!" Yes my almost 3 year old is just about the size of a 1 year old! 

Ella on the other hand was VERY shy! She didn't want to talk or even eat her cupcake. This makes me a little nervous since school is right around the corner for her! 

Later that night we had pizza for dinner...Owen's request. He also got to pick out breakfast...cinnamon pancakes! Then he wanted to open his present from us. We got him Scrabble Junior since he's getting so good at spelling. He liked it and we played it later that night. It was really fun! But he LOVED...

His Multi-Tool! 

I found this neat multi-tool on clearance at Fred Meyer's and it had camo print on the outside...bonus! 

Here is Daddy showing him all the different tools. We also had a big discussion about how this is NOT a's a TOOL! We told him that as you grow older you get more and more responsibility and this is a BIG responsibility! We explained that he can never take it to school or church and he really should only use it when he's helping Daddy or they are out fishing or camping. 

Showing him how to use your fingernail to get the knife and the screwdriver to come out. One of the fun things is he was able to use the knife right away to open up his Scrabble Junior game. 

So far he's been really good with it. When he's not using it he puts it up in the shoe cubbies so no little kids can get their hands on it. Of course now Jack is wondering if he's going to get one for his 7th Birthday since he's gonna be ready for more responsibility!