Monday, January 19, 2015

Ella's Updated Name Sign & Other Decorations!

When we finally decided to how we were moving the kids rooms around I went crazy looking on Pinterest for ideas for the rooms. I came across this idea and thought it would be a fun way to update Ella's name sign. 

Here's her old name sign just white letters hanging from brown ribbon. Very simple and beautiful! For her new room I wanted a bit more punch of color.

Chevron patterns are so in right now and this blue is my favorite blue for a girl. We actually took her snuffer thing (a pillowcase that she smells while she sleeps) with us to Joann's so we could get just the right color blue. We found this one and I liked it, but wanted to keep looking, but every other one I picked up that might work she was totally against. This was definitely the one!

We weren't able to meet with Michael's Dad and Mom until after Christmas to celebrate and they gave us this cool 4 piece picture frame set. I love it, but I didn't really have a place to hang it and then when I came up with this design I knew it would be perfect. Thankfully we only name our kids with 4 letter names! ;)

I used the blue chevron fabric and some batting and cut them into 14 X 14 inch squares.

I wrapped them around the frame and duct taped them to the glass.

Had to make sure the chevron pattern wasn't crooked. This was the hardest part, but it has to be just right or it will be too noticeable.

Once I had it just right I duct taped all the fabric down. The corners were of course a little tricky.

All taped! Then I took that black piece on the right and put it into the frame. It was the back piece and is secured by these little black tabs.

Flipped it over and now it's starting to look good!

The white letters just didn't stand out enough on the white and blue so down to the hardware store I went.

Pink letters will look much better!

We used liquid nails to glue the letters to the frames. I love how the letters pop now that they are pink!

Once Ella's bed came we thought we would put her name sign up right away, but then I got to thinking about maybe putting one of those canopies over the top of her bed. Ga-Ga had this magazine that had a canopy and matching curtains that were so cute. She ordered them, but they won't be here until March!

So now since we knew we weren't going to put them over the head of her bed we went ahead and hung them up beside her bed. 

A little while later while figuring out where to hang the rest of her decor we decided to put her birthday pictures above her name sign. 

The letters turned out exactly how I wanted them too! 

While on Pinterest I came across another idea I thought would be fun for Ella's room. The only thing was I didn't have any burlap. Then a few days after Christmas Michael bought a U-Draw Tablet for our Wii from a lady on OfferUp and she gave him the tablet and the two games in this cute little burlap sack! So cool! So I chopped the bag in half and got to work! 

I ended up using a bookmark that Kim made me...that's the big flower with the ribbon attached. Then I made the blue ribbon flower and the other paper flower. I have a pennant die for my Big Shot machine so I made those and the 'e' was made using my Cricut machine. Once I had it laid out how I wanted it I took a picture so I would remember how I wanted it and then I took it apart so I could start gluing it. 

First I used regular ol' Elmer's glue to glue the burlap down. 

I set my folder full of papers on it to hold it down while it dried! That thing is full of paper so it's heavy! 

I used Stampin' Up Sticky Strip for the rest of the project and there it was! It turned out perfect! 

During on of my trips to IKEA I had seen these cute frames and then noticed they were the same frames I had seen from a picture wall that I pinned on Pinterest. So of course I bought them! They were only $4.99. I love IKEA! At first I wanted to put these over Ella's coming tomorrow...but then we thought it would be too busy with the vanity mirror. I think they look great over her hutch!

L - R: Picture of Ella and I during our Christmas photo shoot with Starr 2012, Picture of me and Michael's hands on my Ella belly another photo shoot with Starr, Ella's poem I wrote her before she was born, E picture, Ella during our photo shoot with Starr for Zeke's belly pictures and Ella's newborn shoes resting on my Ella belly.....again another photo shoot with Starr! We sure love you Starr!!! 

I'm so happy with how Ella's room is turning out. Now I just can't wait to finish it with her new curtains and canopy!!!