Thursday, January 15, 2015

Owen is 8!!!

I'm a mother to an 8 year old! Holy Cow!!! 

Just the other day I was reading Owen all of his other birthday posts. This is the main reason I blog! I want my kids to one day read the things their mom wrote about them. What a joy to have those memories! Of course I was crying reading them. Owen knows now when I'm holding back tears by the sound in my voice. He said, "Mom are you crying happy tears?" Oh they are so happy! I'm so overjoyed that God blessed me with my children. There was a day....many days when I thought this would never ever happen. I thought my dream would never come true! God is so faithful! He loves his children and He wants us to have the desires of our hearts. What a mighty God we serve!!! I've said it before and I'll never stop saying it....Owen Michael is a MIRACLE and an answer to prayer! 

Onto the facts....

Owen is doing great in school. 2nd grade is treating him well. He did have to work a little on his penmanship this year, but after just a month he's so much better. He also has needed some reminding on how he needs to focus when the teacher is giving instructions. Other than that he's doing great in school. The only homework he has is one math sheet every night and then daily reading. He is always trying to push back doing his homework, but when he does sit and focus it only takes him a short time to get it done. I was worried at first about this Common Core Math, but to be honest it's actually how Michael and I already think. It's even helped me to look at math in a little bit differently. I'm hoping that will be the case going forward. 

Owen is not really a socialite. He prefers to play with Jack at recess. He talks about other kids, but then when I ask him if he plays with them at recess he says no. He had a hard time figuring out who to invite to his party from school. Next year should be interesting when he moves to 3rd grade and doesn't have recess with Jack anymore. It might be a nice shove out of his comfort zone. 

Owen is an electronic junkie! He loves computers, tablets, phones, game systems and TV. He would seriously just bounce from one to the other all day if we let him. During Christmas break the kids were up every morning around 6:15 to go downstairs to watch shows and then comes the first day of school and I'm dragging them out of bed at 7am! I have been limiting his electronic time since school started back up so he's been using his imagination more and/or playing outside! 

Owen loves all things army! His party is an army theme this year and Daddy is making it very special. The kids will have a great time! 

My sweet precious boy is still a little lover. He loves to snuggle and he loves to give kisses. I was sure by this age he'd be over that, but no way! Physical touch is definitely one of his love languages. 

Owen is such a thinker and the things he says sometimes just surprise me. The other day I was a little irritated because he was asking me for something and my tone got a little grumpy and he said, "Mommy I don't understand I'm not talking in a nasty voice so why are you talking in a nasty voice"...OUCH! Of course I stopped right then and there and sat on the bed with him and apologized. 

Owen Michael...Mommy just continues to be amazed by you. You are growing up in so many ways. No matter how much I would like it to slow down you just keep growing. To think in 10 years you'll be graduating! You are smart, you are a thinker and a talker! You could yak anybodies ear off! You love telling new people like the Dr all sorts of things. I usually have to ask you to stop because I need to talk to them about why we're there! You definitely have no troubles with being heard! You are such a sweet guy and most of the time are willing to help others. We are still working on getting you to treat others the way you want to be treated. You love your family and your home. In fact you would rather stay home then go out. Mom is always trying to see if you want to go shopping with me, but you are such a homebody! You just recently got a new teacher and you seem to like her....I get to meet her on your birthday when I bring goodies in at lunch time. 8 years old it's just crazy! We tried for long...7 years...before we got you and now we've had you longer than we tried. Time really does fly by! You are such a wonderful kid and I can't wait to see what you accomplish this next year. I'm sure you will do great things! My beautiful boy I love you more than words can say! 

Happy Birthday Owen!