Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Boy In A Box!

The other day when I was shopping at Costco I of course ended up taking home one of those giant boxes. This time it was a grape box. Jack loves to use Costco boxes to make pirate ships or all sorts of other things. Lately Ella and Zeke have been playing more and more together...I think he really misses having a playmate home all day long! Usually their play involves Ella with paper and a pen and Zeke in a bed of blankets and pillows. A few days ago Zeke was using this box as his bed and when it was his actual bed time he wanted to sleep in his box. I figured why not! I put his box on his bed and tucked him in. He looked so Garfield! I don't know if he actually ended up sleeping in there or not....I forgot to check before I went to bed. The next morning he told me that he slept a little in his box and then a little in his bed and then a little in his box and you get the picture. The next night when it was bedtime he did not ask to sleep in his box again!