Sunday, June 26, 2016

Daddy's Day!

Michael's Father's Day started off nice with the kids delivering their homemade gifts to him in bed. I made breakfast and then it was off to church. 

At church they had all the Dads come up to the front and they were given a little gift. It was a small soda bottle filled with Crush flavored jelly beans. The little note said, "Thanks for everything Pop!" or something to that effect...I might have gotten the wording a little wrong, but the main point was the word Pop! It was cute! 

After church things went a little down hill. I was stressed and grumpy because our house was covered with drywall dust from all the work we had done the day before. I was trying to at least clean up a little bit so we wouldn't be living in filth for 2 weeks. We sent the kids outside and within a few minutes we heard crying coming from the backyard. Michael got up to investigate since I was busy cleaning. When it was all said and done, Owen got spanked, Jack's candy from church got thrown in the garage and Ella got spanked as well. Nice Father's Day right!!! 

Let's just say our kids have been not getting along lately. They have not been kind to each other. There have been lots of harsh words being said, not treating others the way you'd like to be treated, blowing small things out of proportion and just all around not being nice people. So now there will be no electronics at our house until at least after they get back from spending a week at Ga-Ga & Pa's. There will also be no treats like Popsicle or ice cream because kids that treat each other nicely are kids that get treats! Oh boy.....summer fun here we come!

Later on to try to get out of our family funk Michael decided we should go to the park. We drove down toward the water from our house so we could get some fresh air. Michael threw a baseball around with Jack...he's doing so good catching an overhand throw. He also played with Owen for a bit as well. 

All the kids had fun playing on the play toy and they were getting along so well! Praying this is the start of a new trend! 

After playing Michael came over to the shade to rest and that's when everyone decided they needed to lay next to Daddy! 

It took some coaxing.....I like the sun, but I eventually joined Michael in the shade as well.

Of course Ella didn't want to hug Daddy, but then once Mama was hugging him she just HAD to be all over to Daddy! A little bit of the sun was sneaking through so that was nice! 

Cute little stinker! 

After the park we used up the last of our entertainment money for the month by getting a dinner for Michael and I to split from Circo Circo and we also were able to get the kids chicken nuggets from MCD's. I guess they did get a little treat after all!