Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jack's 8 Year Old Pictures!

Last Saturday it was time to take Jackson in for his 8 year birthday pictures. Thankfully he's super easy when it comes to taking pictures. Sure he tries to do his staged super cheesy smile, but all I have to say is something like...."picture a rhino standing on a giraffe" and he brings out the real smile. Also the guy that took his pictures was really great. 

Jackson always loves to bring one of his stuffed animals to be in the pictures with him. This time he chose Max. There were a few poses of him with Max so I let him choose which picture he wanted and he chose this cute one. 

This picture almost takes my breath away! You can really see his grown up face here. The funny thing is to get him to smile for this picture I said, "Azmeriah's coming to your party tomorrow!"

My big 8 year old boy! Where did the time go?!?!

Now I don't have to go back to JCPenny's for more pictures until January! YAHOO!