Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jackson's Early Birthday!

Since Zeke was able to open his present from Mommy and Daddy early Jack thought he should be able to as well. 

The night before his party we gathered around to let him open his presents. It was just the two presents from us...Owen, Ella and Zeke wanted him to wait to open their presents at the party. 

He was so excited they were in such huge bags! 

This was a great find at the Mill Creek Garage Sales just this last May. 

It's the Imaginext Monster's Inc set. It came with all the characters and accessories and I only paid $8! 

The second gift was a bit harder to get out of the box. 

This was also a great find at the garage sales.

It was a whole magic kit! Jackson has been wanting one for a while and it was the same one that his friend Andrew has so I knew it was good quality. I hadn't gone through it before he opened it, but thankfully we are only missing one piece. Pretty great deal for only $5! Jackson was super happy with his presents. If I had to say what his favorite was I would say the Magic Kit. All of the kids have been having fun with the Monsters Inc set though. Now we just have to teach Jack more about showmanship and how to not tell the person you are doing the trick for how it's done!