Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Schools Out For Summer!!!

This year school got out on Wednesday June 15th. We of course had to take the obligatory last day of school pictures!  

Owen Michael - 9 1/2 years old 

I forgot to change the sign on the porch...it said castle because of Jack's Knight party! 

Movin' on up to 4th grade! Crazy!!! 

Jackson Daniel - 8 years old

I love having them stand up against the front door so I can see how much taller they are. 

3rd grade here he comes!!! 

Ella Grace - 6 years old

Ella has grown up so much in Kindergarten this year. I'm excited to see how much she learns and grows next year. She's totally going to rock Kindergarten 2.0!!!

School Buddies!

The whole Martin Gang! 

Last time walking to the bus! 


We got a picture of Ella and Kendra on the first day of school so we had to get a picture of them together on the last day of school! 

Here's the bus! We loved our bus driver this year and I really hope she ends up with the same route next year!

I know I said I wouldn't do pictures with their teachers on the last day of school, but I couldn't help myself. Plus it really wasn't that crazy and the teachers didn't seem to mind. Here Ella is with Ms. Asselin and her friend Farrah! 

Officially out of school! 

Ms. Davidson and Jackson! So long
2nd grade!!! 

I wanted to get a picture with all of Ella's special education teachers, but I was only able to catch 2 of them. This is Ms. Alisa...she works with Ella on her writing. 

Ella with a couple of her classmates....Ella, Augusta and Reese! 

Owen with Mrs. Howdeshell! 

This last year certainly did have some ups and downs in regards to Owen's classroom, but overall he loved his teacher and he excelled so that's what matters. I've been contemplating if I'm going to blog about the whole ordeal or not....I like to have this as a record of our lives and this did happen, but I for sure wanted to wait until the school year was over...we'll see what happens! 

Since I was still trying to hunt down Ella's 2 other special education teachers I was able to see the big sent off happen. I've never been at school this late on the last day to see it. It was actually kind of emotional. All or most of the teachers stood in a line and then the bus drivers honked their horns as they drove off with the teachers waving on! I actually get a lump in my throat typing that. It was so cool seeing all those precious people that love on our kids and try their hardest to help them excel in their learning sending them off like that. Some of them are moving on to other schools and some are retiring so I'm sure it was a little emotional for them as well! 

We finally did find one more of Ella's teachers...this is Mrs. Phyall. She is Ella's speech therapist and Ella loves her! She thinks her long blonde hair is SO pretty! 

Since posting about the teacher gifts I have actually received two more gifts from teachers I helped. Ms. Richardson gave me a card that said,
Thank you for helping out in my class even though I'm not teaching any of your kids!" and she included a $5 gift card for Starbucks! 

Also Ms. Asselin sent Ella home with the card above and a $5 gift card for Starbucks. I posted the picture of the card on FB already, but wanted to have a record of it here. I was crying reading the card. The teachers at my kids school are so amazing! They love kids and they love teaching! I love that she is invested in Ella and wants nothing but the best for her. I truly hope that when Ella gets to 3rd grade she'll be blessed to have Ms. Asselin as her teacher again! 

Thank you to all the teachers and staff for making this school year such a success!!!