Friday, June 3, 2016

Ella's Fashion Show!

Every year I try to find as many clothes for my kids at the Mill Creek Garage Sales as possible. You just can't beat garage sale pricing...unless someone really, REALLY loves there stuff too much! 

Some years are great and some not so much. This year was actually really great for Ella, but at the same time she is getting more and more picky with her clothes. We found a lot of clothes, but some were for when she's bigger and some were for cooler weather. She really was in desperate need  of summer clothes. 

Last Saturday Ella got to be my shopping partner for the day and we had SO much fun. I've tried to take her shopping before and she can be a pill sometimes. I have always dreamed of having fun shopping with my only daughter and it just wasn't working out the way I pictured. This time around though it was wonderful! We had so much fun! We had to go to a lot of stores too....Lowe's, Walmart, Winco and Costco. She did great and only asked twice if we were going home yet. 

Armed with my $40 clothing money for the month we stopped at Walmart to pick out some summer clothes. I had actually stopped there a little over a week ago to get clothes for her, but then I realized that I needed her there. Her idea of cute stuff and my idea of cute stuff aren't exactly the same......I understand now what I put my mom through! Sorry mom! Anyway when I was there I found an Ariel swimsuit and I loved it and didn't want anyone to buy it so I hid it! I have never done anything like that and since it had been over a week I was sure it wasn't going to be there, but it was! Unfortunately the designer must have thought little girls have thunder thighs because the leg holes were HUGE! 

Welcome to Ella's fashion show! 

I found this adorable swimsuit and just loved all the vibrate colors. It fits her perfectly! When she tried it on in the dressing room I could tell that she is going to look browner than a biscuit in this thing later in the summer. She picked out the cute jean shorts. They have a jeweled button that she loved. She also picked out the matching flip flops for a whopping .97!!

Ella loves leggings so I knew that she might not want a lot of shorts. So we went with capri leggings. At first I wasn't sure about these star leggings, but once she put them on I loved them! The matching tank top was only $3. 

This outfit was a can't really tell, but the shorts are horizontal stripes with all the colors from her tank top. 

We also picked up another pair of capri leggings. I love chevron patterns so I was excited when she said she liked them too. 

Of course she founds loads of other clothes that she wanted, but they were more dressy. I was really looking for more play clothes for summer time. 

In all she got...2 pairs of legging, 1 tank top, 1 shorts and tank top set, 1 pair of jean shorts, a swimsuit and a pair of flip flops....8 things total for $42! 

I'm so happy that we were able to find things for her, but I'm even more happy that I had fun with my girl! I am really looking forward to many many more shopping trips with my sweet princess!