Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stained Glass Stickers!

I'm a part of the Des Moines Buy Nothing page on FB and a couple weeks ago there was a lady that had a Stained Glass Sticker craft set she was giving away. I put my name in to be considered since I knew Ella would love it. The awesome thing was there were only 2 people that commented and she actually had 2 sets so we each got one! 

The kids were begging me to do them right away. I had some things that needed to get done and I also knew that Michael was leaving to go Go Cart racing with the men from our church so I thought it would be a fun activity to keep us busy while Daddy was gone. 

It came with this cute art center that holds the paints and your project in place. The only bummer was the clear sheet that makes the project into stickers wasn't in the box. No worries I just cut scrapbook paper down to size and they made pictures instead of stickers. 

Ella chose a butterfly. 

They are these little foam stickers that are elevated. The kids would fill in the empty spaces with the paint and the sticker would keep the paint from running everywhere. 

Jackson chose a star! 

Ella with her beautiful butterfly! 

Zeke chose a heart! 

Zeke went for a super artist version. He didn't even completely fill in all the area in the middle of the sticker. 

Owen was looking for a non-girly sticker which there weren't very many of. Also he couldn't chose a star since Jack already did that. He needed something that was his own. 

Sunglasses fit his needs just fine! 

Here are a couple of the finished products. It was really neat how they dried so flat. The paint was really thick when they put it on so that was cool. I could totally see how these would make great stained glass stickers. The kids had a great time and we still have lots more stickers to use so we can make fun pictures in the future.