Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jack's School Birthday Celebration!

Since Jack's actual birthday was on Sunday we decided to have his school celebration on the Friday before his birthday. 

I went to Fred Meyer's the night before. I always just see what's on sale. Sometimes I get mini cupcakes, but this time the frosted sugar cookies were on a better sale. 

Zeke and I arrived at the start of lunch time so we were able to sit and eat lunch with Jack. All Jack's classmates kept saying how cute Zeke was! 

What was funny was that Ms. Davidson didn't really realize that we were there for the celebration. I think she is so used to seeing me eat lunch with Jack she didn't think anything of it. I was waiting for her to say when we would sing and have cookies. At noon when lunch was over she just launched right back into school. A few of the kids that knew the cookies were coming turned around and looked at me as if to say....ummmm what about the cookies???? I mouthed the words....I don't think she knows about the cookies and then I interrupted her teaching to ask about Jack's celebration and she was so cute. She just hadn't put it together that I was there eating with Jack for that purpose. Oops! Oh well.....I doubt the kids minded having an extra long lunch that day!