Monday, June 6, 2016

Log Surfing!

On Memorial Day we decided to head out to the beach. We had been pretty busy lately working on our bathroom/laundry room makeover so the kids were in desperate need of getting out and moving their bodies. 

We knew that the beach was most likely going to be packed, but we got really lucky when we drove down to the lower lot at Seahurst park and a family was just getting ready to leave.

We walked over to the south side of the beach since it tends to be less crowded over there. The weather was nice in the sun, but a little chilly in the shade. We had packed a light lunch so we ate at a picnic table after being on the beach for a few minutes. Then it was back down to the beach. The kids wanted to fly their kites, but there just wasn't enough sustained wind to keep the kite in flight.  

The kids wanted to move a big piece of driftwood into the water, but it was too big for them to do it alone. I saw this smaller piece and told them to try moving that one instead. Owen, Jack and Zeke moved it almost the whole way to the water. I'm sure that Owen really did most of the work. It was fun to watch. I did have to help on the last little bit since it got turned and stuck. 

The tide was coming in so the log wasn't really leaving the shore like I think they had hoped. So that's when I told them they should try "surfing" the log. Jackson was all for it. Then I went ahead and got on. Michael was filming during that time so I don't have any actual pictures of me up there. He was sure I was going to fall off and it would be too funny to not have on such thing happened though! 

After I went on Owen was brave enough to give it a try. It was hilarious every time I got on I didn't get wet, but poor Jack...the water was just drawn to him and every time he'd get up there he'd get splashed. I did eventually get my shoes a little wet, but nothing like he did. His pants were soaked! 

Zeke never did go on the log....I'm not sure if he was nervous or just not interested though. 

Synchronized jumping!

Zeke got bored of the log and decided to wander away to check something out. 

Ella decided she needed to check out what her brothers were doing and she knew if they could do it so could she! 

It was a fun afternoon that turned into a fun evening with the Dial's. They invited us over to have smores around their fire and that turned into just staying for dinner. It's great to have fun with family and friends!