Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Learning Academy!

Earlier in the school year the boys came home with an application for the Summer Learning Academy. I was so happy to see that paper!!! I love having my kids home, but Owen really struggles if he doesn't have some form of structured learning for weeks at a time. This year Jack was so happy because he's get to go as well. Last year he was so bummed when Owen got to go and he didn't! I love that my kids love summer school!

After 4 days of summer vacation here we are back at the bus stop! The awesome thing about SLA is that no matter what all the kids get breakfast and lunch provided to them. YAHOO for not having to pack lunches. It also makes it nice for the boys in the morning. They jump out of bed....well okay they roll out of bed, get dressed, brush their teeth and then it's out the door! Super fast so they can at least sleep until the normal time I would wake them up for school. 

We drove to the bus stop on the first day. It's the same as our normal bus stop during the regular school year. Last year Owen's SLA bus stop was at a different spot in the neighborhood. The bus picks them up at 7:15. 

And they are off! 

They are only going to school Monday - Thursday from 7:45 - 12:45 for 4 weeks...with the week of 4th of July off. The kids are supposed to go to school for 2 days during the week of the 4th, but the boys will be staying at my parents house during that week because we are working on the remodel. When we applied for SLA it said that the kids could miss up to 2 days of school so those 2 days are the days they will be missing. In all it's only 16 days of school. 

Here they are right after getting off the bus! They were excited to tell me about their day. Who was in their class, what classroom they were in, who their teacher was, what they ate for breakfast and for lunch and how disgusting lunch was....according to Jack! 

Our school is kicking off a new theme at SLA....we are going to be a STEM school....Science, Technology, Engineering and Math will be the focus at our school. I'm so excited since my boys love all those things.