Saturday, June 18, 2016

He Made It!

On Monday June 13th Owen officially paid off his debt!!! 

I'm so proud of my boy! He still owed $6 and he made $6.75 that week. He gave God .67 and then chose to put the $6 towards his debt....leaving only .8 that would go in his spending money. He has done so well with working towards paying off his money and not complaining. We were still letting him put money in his spend envelope every week so I has been able to buy little things here and there. Still a good chunk has going towards paying off his Crazy Cart every week. He makes a good amount of money and I told Michael we are actually going to have to start budgeting for the kids paydays now!!!

Now that he will actually be able to start saving we added his saving goal to his Chore Chart. His first goal is to save for this Volcano Exploration Lego set that is $196! At first he tried to see if I would buy it and then he would just pay that debt way jose! Nice try though! I have a feeling we are really going to have watch him when it comes to credit cards....I swear they start sending you applications when you're around 16 years old!