Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pool Time!

We have had such nice weather this year...the kids have been begging me for weeks to put the pool up. My thing is I don't want to put it up until it can stay up for at least 5 days in a row. The week before Jack's party I saw that it was supposed to be really nice almost all week so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and put it up. 

All aired up and ready for water! 

These kids love the water! 

Last year Zeke was still timid around the water, but not this year at all! 

Jackson sporting his new to him swim shirt! 

Owen getting ready to make a splash! 

Ella wanted to model her new swimming suit for me with her pretty sunglasses on! 

Happy boy! 

Snack time....strawberries and Nutella...our new favorite thanks to my friend Alicia! 

Owen waiting to catch Zeke! 

He was wanting to be a big boy so badly! 

Cheeses for Mommy! He did actually go down! 

I have told the kids that they are not allowed to swim out there without me. It's more for Zeke....the older kids are just fine and I don't mind running in to get something and not being there for every single second, but not with Zeke....Mommy has to be there all the time when it comes to him! 

Beautiful Bathing Beauty! 

I think this was when Owen said, "Let's do cannonballs" and Ella decided that cannonballs were super awesome and she needed to do a little dance because she was so excited! 


Zeke would swim for a little while and then he'd want to be wrapped up in his town. This is when I told him just to lay there and the sun would dry him off. 

Later in the day I noticed the pool was not holding air so I headed out to Walmart to buy a new one. For me spending under $20 for a new pool is totally more worth it then spending hours trying to find the leak! No thank you!!! 

I found the same pool just the new model....I love the patriotic colors! 

Aired up and ready to go!

The kids definitely got to enjoy the pool for days, but now the weather has turned cooler again so it's just draped over the slide on the porch waiting for it to be hot again!