Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Teacher Gifts!

I started planning for the kids teacher gifts over a month ago. I know how crazy the end of the year can be so I like to have them ready to go. 

At first I thought about making the teachers mason jar tumblers, but then I came across these super cute ones at The Dollar Tree

I found the cute saying on Pinterest. It says...'School's out summer's here thanks for all you've done all year!'

I got a bunch of fun stuff to go inside. I bought strawberry lemonade drink mixes, berry gum....

anti-bacterial lotion and then strawberry lemonade chapstick. 

For Ella's three Special Education teachers I got them all cute little lanterns that say, 'Thank you for being a light in the life of my child'! 

Since all of the gifts were glass I decided that I should bring them into school instead of the kids putting them in their backpacks. I volunteered for the last time on June 9th. It happened to be fancy day for spirit week so all the teachers and kids were dressed so nice...perfect for pictures! I know how crazy and rushed the last day of school is so I figured I would get pictures with each of their teachers now instead of later. If there is an opportunity to take a picture on the last day I'll take it, but at least this way I won't stress about it! 

Ella and Ms. Asselin look like they need to go to a garden tea party! So pretty! 

Jackson and Ms. Davidson kind of coordinated together with both having red in their outfits! 

Mrs. Howdashell looked so pretty....like she was about to head to a polo match. Owen was SO handsome in his shirt and tie. He was being so silly before heading to school he was walking around holding his lunchbox pretending it was his briefcase!

Since it was my last day volunteering for the year I also got a couple thank you gifts. Mrs. Laymen....formerly Ms. McConnell....Owen's first grade teacher....gave me a gift. My goal is to always help out my kids past teachers and this year I was her only parent helper! She thanked me with a gift set from Bath and Body Works. It's this yummy Mango scent that smells so good! It came with body cream, body wash, foaming hand soap and a wallflower. My house smells amazing! 

I also inadvertently walked into Ms. Davidson's class when they were finished up my thank you from the whole class! 

All the kids signed their names on this cool Starbuck's cup. I actually realized later that I almost ruined my own surprise. I was in the staff room and I was walking out and I happened to notice the oven was on. It had already been an hour or so since lunch so I was worried someone accidentally left it on. I ALMOST opened it, but I didn't when someone in the staff room said...."It's supposed to be on!" 

The inside of the cup says...'Best Parent Helper'! 

This seriously was the coolest thing ever! Jackson's class is really a special class and I have gotten to know all the kids by their names and have spent a lot of time in the classroom. I feel so blessed that I was able to volunteer so much this year! 

Ms. Davidson also wrote a card and she said such nice things. My favorite thing being her thanking me for raising such wonderful kiddos! She has taught both of my older boys and I am praying that she will be Ella and Zeke's teacher as well! 

I know I've said this before, but I truly, truly LOVE volunteering at my kids school. I love serving the teachers and helping in any way I can. I know the job they do is tough and I want to do my best to lighten the load! 

Thank you Mrs. Howdashell, Ms. Davidson & Ms. Asselin for a wonderful year!!!