Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Day Of Summer Vacation!

Michael hasn't taken any vacation days off this year at all so he decided it would be fun if he took the last day of school off so we could have a fun family day. 

Normally we get MCD's and take it to Michael's work so we can eat with him. This year we were going to get DQ instead. It's usually a rush since Michael only gets a half an hour lunch break. It was so nice to not be rushed. Thank goodness too....DQ was SLAMED! It took a really long time just to place our order. I got 3 of there $5 lunch meals with chicken strips and then I got the Turkey BLT sandwich....yummy! Owen and Ella were still hungry so I did end up buying one more $5 meal. Each of the $5 meals includes a small sundae so after eating lunch I went up and got the ice cream. 

The kids wanted to go to a park after lunch so I thought it would be fun to go to The Centre at Norpoint. We normally only go there for the water park, but it was actually a bit breezy that day and I didn't have their swimsuits. The kids didn't mind though....they are normally so busy with the water park area that they don't normally pay attention to the play equipment much. 

Ella just loves that she can swing herself now. Jack has been working on teaching Zeke how to do it so maybe before the end of summer all 4 kiddos will know! 

The bigger boys spent a lot of time at the zip line....Owen more than Jack. It was nice that the park wasn't that busy so they didn't have to wait in line forever for their next turn! 

Daddy and Zeke chilling in the shade! 

Behind the park is this huge field that I always forget about. I keep meaning to bring a frisbee or a soccer ball with us when we come. Michael challenged the boys to a race. He figured he give them a leg up by jogging backwards! 

They actually gave him a really good run for his money. Not sure if they actually won or was hard to see all the way across the field. 

Pretty Ella Grace.....her sandals didn't stop her from running around! 

Daddy tried to get us all to play Zombie Tag, but most of us didn't want to. We did a bunch of running around and it felt so nice to be out in the sun playing with the kids so that's what matters. The kids did have some issues getting along so some tally marks were taken away, but we tell the kids...tomorrows another day and you get a clean slate so try harder tomorrow! 

We don't have any huge vacation planned this year so Michael is planning on taking off a few Fridays to stretch out his vacation. We are planning on going on a few days trips to go hiking so it will be nice to do those trips when Michael has a long weekend. 

Let the summer fun begin!