Friday, June 24, 2016

Quiet Morning!

Saturday is a non-electronics day at our house. The kids know this so when they wake up before Michael and I they usually just start playing. Most of the time they are noisy and end up waking us up....occasionally earlier than they wake up to go to school!!! This last Saturday was the first Saturday of summer vacation and Michael and I got to sleep in until almost 8am! At first I thought the kids might still be asleep because of how quiet it was! When I opened our door though I heard the familiar sound of their noisemakers so I knew their doors were open. I quietly walked to the end of the hall and peeked in the upstairs playroom. 

I saw the 3 older ones under....well mostly under the clubhouse quietly reading books. I stood there for quite a bit of time watching them. I love hearing Jack read because even when he reads to himself in his head you can still hear him whispering. 

Ella was just flipping through books looking at the pictures. It's such a change though...she has never really been interested in books before going to school, but now she loves them. I love how all my kids love books! They love a good story and be transported to another world. I actually stopped watching him and then came back a little later and they were still just reading away. I love these quiet moments where they are all getting along and doing something together they enjoy! 

Where was Zeke? Still sleeping...that kid could probably sleep in until 9am everyday!