Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cabin Fever!!!

Last Friday the kids were finally feeling better. It had literally been a week since they had left the house so it was absolutely time to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! I needed to get a few more things for Ella's party at The Dollar Tree so off we went. I let he kids take $1 out of their piggy banks and told them they could pick one thing. I did end up buying them each one other thing because they did so well while we were out.

Jack used this money and got these mini dinosaurs. I also got him a replacement Donald Duck figurine since his old one got decapitated just that morning.

I love how all my kids love lining up and playing with their toys on the window sill.

Ella picked this Princess "Draw". She held it the whole time we were in the store and kept asking me to open it. I also got her a reuseable princess sports bottle since she doesn't have one and the boys both do.

Owen is always the last one to pick so we looked around at everything. I got him popscicles and then he chose this checker board.

When it came time to paying I had the boys pay for their own toys. I love seeing them get excited when they give the checker THEIR money.