Friday, February 17, 2012

Mops Crafts!

On Valentine's Day our MOPS craft was making stamped candles. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to MOPS that day since I was sick with the flu. Thankfully Kim was able to take over for me and show everyone the craft. It's SUPER easy to do! Seriously...a little tissue paper, ink and stamps, wax paper and a heat gun. Ta Da! These make great gifts!!! To see a tutorial click here.

There are a couple crafts coming up that are going to require a bit more prep work on my part. Instead of trying to guess how many ladies would participate I decided to have a sign up sheet to get a better idea. Since the ladies already know about them I don't feel bad blogging about them ahead of time.

This is something I found on Pinterest....cookie sheet chalkboards. You can find cookie sheets at The Dollar Tree. They even have pizza pans if you want to make a round shaped one. Could be fun for the kiddos. In order to be able to finish these during MOPS, Michael will have to spray the chalkboard paint on them prior to the meeting. They need 2 coats and have to dry for 24 hrs in-between coats. The ladies are going to get to use my SIL Becky's Cricut to cut out sayings that they want such as, 'Menu', 'Chores', 'To Do List' or whatever they want. Next is the twine...cut it to length and then glue it on. Super easy and fun!

I've blog about these placemat purses before, but I haven't shown the one with the nicer handles. I just love these! At first I was planning on having about 3 or 4 sewing machines and teaching the ladies how to sew these on their own. Then I remembered that MOPS isn't an all day event. So I decided I'm going to sew all, but two of the placemats that I have. The first 15 ladies that sign up for these will get to take one home, but all the ladies can watch me demo how to sew the two I don't sew at home.

There you go...that's what we've been up to at MOPS and what we will be doing the next couple meetings.