Saturday, February 25, 2012

In The Shop!

I'm new camera is in the shop. See back when my Dad first bought it I had noticed that the lower left corner was sometimes darker. I figured it was just me getting my finger in the way of the flash since it was a new camera and I wasn't used to where I should be placing my hands. I was sure over time I would get use to it and learn to keep my fingers out of the way. Well...a month later and the dark are was still there. Then I started noticing that nothing was getting in the way and the spot was getting darker and more noticeable than before. Unfortunately Best Buy has a 14 day return policy and that was up. So I ended up taking it into the Geek Squad and they sent it out to be fixed. If it can't be fixed they will just give me a new camera since it's under the warranty. I'm just bummed I didn't take it back right away. Now I have to be without my camera for a while. Here is a picture showing the dark spot.

I know it's not super noticeable, but still when you get a new camera it should be working perfectly. I sure hope they figure out the problem quickly so I can get back to my normal picture taking ways!