Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm On A Roll!

So I found another craft idea I wanted to try on Pinterest. This is a small wallet to use when you don't want to take your big one with to the fair or Disneyland.

First off let me say that it must be absolutely impossible to actually cut felt in a straight line! The design called for the big piece of felt to be 8.25 X 4.5, but I ended up needed to cut it 9 inches long so I would have some extra room to trim it up and try to make it look straight. That was the only big thing I varied from the original pattern though.

I decided to use more of those felt flowers that I've used for numerous project recently. They sure have come in handy.

This is where you fold the two side in...leaving a 1 inch gap in the middle and then iron it in place.

Sewing on the closure strap.

Adhering the Velcro...unfortunately I didn't have the right kind of Velcro so this part was a bit of a pain. The Velcro I had was the stick kind that doesn't really work on fabric, but I didn't want to run to the store. So I decided to use it and stitch it on to get it to stay. The stinky part was the sticky stuff on the backing of the Velcro got all over the needle when I was pushing it through. Just a sticky mess!

This little girl LOVES to hang out with me while I do my crafting so this is the view of us at my desk. She will just hang out behind me, hugging my neck and playing with her toys. The funny thing is this is exactly what I would do with my mom when she would drive into town when I was little. Remember the days when you didn't have to put your kids in car seats....crazy huh! She said I would tuck myself behind her and hold on to her neck. It's funny how some things are just genetics.

After getting the Velcro on I did a zigzag stitch on the sides since I didn't have pinking shears like in the original design. Then I have to trim up the sides since they were not straight.

Here's the view of the inside. Two pockets for cards, it fits nicely in your pocket and best of's cute!

Side Note: These pictures were brought to you by a borrowed camera....thank you Jen aka Logan's Mom!