Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunday Drive!

After my girls weekend at my parents I came home and the boys wanted to go out on the bike with Daddy. When Ella saw that they were wearing their helmets she decided she needed one too.

She got to wear Owen's regular old helmet.

Jack wearing his shark helmet waiting for this turn.

This cutie loves to be double protected with this hood and helmet!

Daddy had fun cruisin' around the neighborhood a couple times with each of the kids.

Jack is a full throttle kind of guy...he has a need for speed!!!

This was Ella's first time on the bike. She's wanted to go before, but then when I've picked her up to put her on the bike she changes her mind. This time around she was ready. I wouldn't say she was overly excited about it, but she didn't cry.

While Daddy was off riding with Ella the boys thought it would be fun to make silly faces for the camera.

His true colors shining through!!!

This is Ella's version of a crazy face!

When Owen was on his last trip with Daddy, Jack decided that we needed to run inside and get the checkered flag that came with Owen's Lightning McQueen bicycle. It was fun for Daddy and Owen to race past the flag and be the champions!!