Friday, February 10, 2012

Ella's Outdoor Adventures!

Since we've had a few nice days in a row we have been trying to take advantage of it. The kids have spent quite a lot of time outside and that includes Ella. I've been letting her go in the front yard by herself for ages, but the backyard is a different story. First off there is the staircase going down to the backyard that is 17 steps high and then the yard isn't fences plus a few other things just added up to me not feeling comfortable letting her go down there without me. Recently that has changed! She wants to be like her big brothers so bad and since she is more stable now since her surgery I feel more comfortable letting her go.

This was Ella's first time on the slide since her infamous fall that led to us find her Hydrocephalus. She is seriously a pro when it comes to climbing up the ladder now. No hesitation and she just climbs right up. It still amazes me the changes that have happened since September.

This is her saying, "No pictures Mama!"

The boys are really good about keeping track of Ella when she's outside and she doesn't really want to be anywhere without them. However they are faster than she is so when it comes to going up the stairs they normally beat her. The other day I was in the kitchen and I see Owen and then Jack, but no Ella. Jack was the last one in and I ask him where Sissy Girl is and he says outside. That's when I went to go get her and he had shut the sliding door on her and locked it. Silly brother!!!

This is the north side of property the only unfinished section. Of course the kids LOVE IT! It's lovingly called 'The Canyon'. The boys have been so sweet helping Ella climb up the steep bank. They really do want her to feel included.

Another thing I feel more comfortable about letting her do is swinging on the tire swing. Before I couldn't trust that she would keep holding on. She's let go before when the tire swing was out over the highest part and it freaked me out. This time around she did really good....of course I still don't swing her as high as I do when it's just the boys.