Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cutie Patooties!

After months of trying to talk Jack into joining Owen for Taekwondo I finally just pulled out the tough Mom card and made him go in. Surprise, surprise the kid LOVES it. I knew he would! He was terrified of the adults and the kids and thought I was going to leave him. Not sure why since he had sat with me and watched Owen every time we took him and I have never left. Who knows how a 3 year olds brain works, but alas he's finally going.

It took a couple weeks for his uniform to come in due to a mess up in the shipping and then the holidays, but it finally got here and he looks so cute! At first Jack was stuck to Owen like glue, but he is getting more and more confident being out there and showing his stuff. I'm so proud of both of my boys!


Momof2 said...

WTG! Jack! You both look adorable!