Sunday, February 5, 2012

MOPS Crafts!

I'm horrible at updating about the crafts we do at MOPS, but more than that I'm horrible at taking pictures while the ladies are making the crafts. Sheesh you'd think I wasn't a blogger at all! Anyways the first two crafts are ones we did last year.

Clothespin Magnets!

 We used cheapo clothespins from Wal-Mart.....50 for less than a $1! Gotta love that. I had punched out a bunch of paper flowers and we had some felt ones too. A little hot glue for the flowers and the magnet on the back and TA DA...clip magnet for the frig!

Paper Baskets!

They are super easy to make. The one in the picture is a big one (12 X 12 piece of paper). The ones we made at MOPS were smaller (6 X 6) in size. They were so cute...perfect for little party favors! I found the tutorial for these online ages ago, but I can't find it anymore....I just know how to make them from memory. If you are interested in having the instructions let me know.

Napkin Rings!

Our most recent craft was making napkin rings using toilet paper rolls. At first we were going to use old plastic film canisters, but we couldn't figure out how to cut them without endangering someones fingers so I came up with using toilet paper rolls. I had been saving them for another craft that isn't going to happen now because it's just too involved, but they came in handy anyways. At first I was grossed out by using them since they are going to be on the table and all, but I'm not a germ freak so I got over it. I use my friend Kim's Big Shot die cutting machine again and cut out a bunch of felt flowers in all different colors and we had buttons to go in the middle. Break out the hot glue gun and you have yourself a cute homemade napkin ring!