Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful Day!

On Friday it was SO nice we had to get out of the house. All of our attitudes were in need of an adjustment so even though I was tired and didn't feel like packing up all the kids and going out I was SO glad I did! The fresh air and the sunshine was exactly what we needed!

The night before I had driven by this park in a neighborhood not far from ours. It was really nice and not busy at all so I thought I'd take the kids somewhere new. I wasn't sure if was only for the people in that neighborhood or not though. When we walked up to the park I did see a sign that said it was only for the neighborhood and their guests, but by that time I wasn't going to tell the kids to get back in the car. There was only one other family playing and I figured if they asked I would let them know that we didn't know until we got there. The mom was really nice and didn't ask and I figure that they really only post that to keep down on vandalism and my kids aren't hooligans!

I think we'll go back and play there again, but if it's super busy we'll go to another park I know of in the area since it's really for that neighborhood.

This was the best teeter totter had nice springs so you didn't bump your bum!

Love these climbing things!

The boys only played with the actual toys for a little was more exciting to just be outside and running around.

And around!

Until Owen decided to slide into the wood chips and Jack fell at the same time and I captured it!

There is something about that beautiful blue sky that makes pictures even that more awesome!

Next to the play area they had this nice grass was a little muddy in places, but it was fun for the boys to run their energy out.

Ella was getting sleepy so it was time! It was so nice to get out and I'm looking forward to get out more and more with the's been a LONG winter!!!


Melody said...

It HAS been a LONG winter!!! I too, am SOOOO excited to see the sun and be able to spend much more time outside with the kiddos. I think parenting small children is so much easier when you can get outside!! Yay for sun!